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Bifamiliare, Vendita Luogo: Labin Regione: Istarska

250.000,00 € (1.813.117,50 kn)

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ID: 288-1
  • Tipo di offerta: vendita
  • Sottotipo di immobile: bifamiliare
  • Prezzo m²: 2.856,49 € | 20.716,61 HRK
  • Superficie: 87,52 m²
  • Superficie dell'area intorno alla casa:400,00 m²
  • Numero piani : pianterreno+primo
  • Anno di produzione: 2012
  • Stato:Usufruibile

Agente Romina Činko +385 (98) 912 3597  dimedia

The house is situated on a hill, overlooking the old town of Labin, and ideal place
for those who love nature and silence.
The climate is dry and healthy. Being 300 meters above sea level, it is cooler at
night in spite of the very strong heat during the summer days.
The semi-detached house is vertically divided into two separate living units,
each with ground floor and first floor.
It is actually about two connected houses, each with 87.52 m2, that share
a common pool (32 m2).
Houses are modern and stylishly furnished and fully equipped for use.
There is an air conditioner in each house and for heating purposes in the winter
months there is central hiting on gas.
Each house (87,52 m2) consists of a large covered terrace, living room, kitchen,
dining area, bathroom, pantry and storeroom on the ground floor and 2 bedrooms,
bathroom and a small terrace on the first floor.
To each house belongs a part of the courtyard with an outdoor fireplace.

A separate left or right housing unit is sold, each for 250.000 euros or as a
complete facility for the price upon agreement.

To the city center of Labin is 3.5 km, and to the tourist village Rabac 5.5 km.

Altri dati

  • Componenti in legno: PVC
  • Distanza dal mare: 5500 m
  • Distanza dal centro: 3500 m
  • Trasporto: Automobile

Spazi legati all'immobile

  • Parking
  • Terrazzo
  • Giardino

Descrizione dell'immobile

  • Piscina
  • Aria condizionata
  • Arredato
  • Grill
  • Vista sulla montagna

Infrastruttura di base

  • ADSL
  • Pozzo nero
  • Corrente elettrica
  • Acqua


  • Permesso di costruire
  • Permesso di agibilità

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