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ARS Agency, the real estate agency, was established back in 1992 and we operate on the area of Istria, with emphasis on eastern Istria, the surroundings of Labin and Rabac.

In 2003 the Agency was registered in the Golden Book of prominent Croatian entrepreneurs and in 2009 it was registered in the Real Estate Mediator Registry, kept at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

Our years-long experience has enabled us to provide a professional service from start to finish and an individual approach for our clients who are either in search of their new home or purchasing a real property for investment purposes.

For a long number of years, which brought many changes in legislation and on the real estate market, with constant professional development and keeping up with the changes, we have successfully guided and consulted our clients in property transactions. The characteristics we cherish are integrity, conscientiousness and thoroughness.

Our relationship with clients does not often end with the purchase itself. Our clients keep in touch and contact us whenever they have the opportunity. Our cordiality and friendship leave a permanent mark in almost every purchase in which we participated as agents.

Our networking and cooperation with partner agencies on the area of Istria, Rijeka and Dalmatia enables us to quickly find what our clients require.

Real estate purchase is a very important investment; therefore we as agents always keep the balance between the needs and demands of the buyers and sellers. Our duty is to take care and protect the interests of both buyers and sellers.


Real estate purchase can be stressful and emotionally challenging, but with our experience and guidance and a great desire to fulfil your demands, we almost always manage to justify your trust and facilitate the whole process of seeking and finally purchasing the real estate.

We know that the purchase of real estate is your own very personal and significant investment, therefore we stand beside you every step of the way – starting from the selection of the real estate that meets your demands and going to see it in person, the preparation of documents for property transactions in cooperation with the attorney’s office and the registration of title and the transfer of overhead bills into your name.

The documentation for all real estate in our offer has been checked. Beside the good qualities of the offered real estate, you will also be notified about the possible flaws or burdens that can be resolved in reality and do not necessarily need to be an obstacle in your purchase.

We are your reliable guide through numerous acts and regulations and our cordiality and friendly approach enables you a stress-free purchase because:

  • we have the knowledge and the experience
  • we treat you with respect and understanding
  • we listen to you carefully in order to make a quality choice to meet your demands
  • we promptly respond to your enquiries
  • we provide honest answers to your questions about the particular real estate
  • we take care of your safe purchase.


Before placing the real estate on the market, we will check whether your real estate has all the valid documents and warn you about possible flaws and omissions and consult you how to deal with them, because the real estate without all valid documents has no chance on the market.
We will also make you aware of the chances for the sale of your real estate, based on our experience and knowledge of the sold real estate.
The location is the crucial element in the sale of your real estate, however the quality of the real estate is also very important, as well as the impression that depends on cleanliness and tidiness of the real estate and its equipment, the maintenance of its surroundings, all of which in the end affects the speed of the sale.

You will find in us a reliable, expert consultant and partner in the sale and purchase of your real estate:

  • potential buyers can always reach us
  • we have a database of buyers to whom we can offer your real estate
  • the buyers are more inclined to trust us because of our objectivity
  • the buyers shall consult us in order to see the reality of the price and evaluate the value of the real estate
  • we can make a much better evaluation of the buyers, i.e. their wishes and possibilities and negotiate with them
  • we can realize the sale more quickly if you listen to and follow our advice.

Romina Činko, owner and authorised real estate agent
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