Kršan - Kožljak - landwirtschaftlich genutzter Boden - Verkauf


Stadt: Kršan

Stadtgebiet: Kožljak

Preis/m²: 3,00 €

Fläche: 31.305,00 m²

Die Beschreibung

A beautiful large and flat land has access from two sides via a plot owned by the Republic of Croatia.
The largest part of the land is categorized as arable land, the rest as pasture and meadow.



Kožljak is a village in the County of Istria, in the municipality of Kršan.

One of the attractions is the Kožljak castle located on the southern slopes of Učka, on a steep cliff, which is approached by a staircase carved in living rock. At the top, the residential part is surrounded by walls with two semicircular towers, and at the foot of the castle is the Romanesque church of St. Hadrian. Along with the castle, a prison has also been preserved. It was built on the site of a prehistoric Histrian fortress, and was first mentioned in written sources in 1102 among the castles that Count Ulrich II. Weimar-Orlamunde donated to the Patriarchate of Aquileia.

Andere Informationen


  • Bergblick

Anzahl von Ansichten: 1299


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